Tack and Tweed’s Holiday Gift Guide for Winter 2014

Wondering what to get your horsey loved ones? We have some ideas to help you out!!! We feature some of our favorite brands, as well as some new ones, most of which can be purchased online simply by clicking the link in the guide. For items sold by Ride Bedford, please give Courtney a call […]

Don’t Ride Blind! Warby Parker has your eyes covered in sun and shade.

Many of you have heard of the eye-wear brand Warby Parker, but if you have not, I invite you to check them out. A company with a conscience, the founders began with the problem of not being able to afford quality eye glasses: Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: glasses are too expensive. […]

Pony Up – Is this Real or Not?

It’s no secret that I love fur and leather. I prefer vintage fur, but show me a wonderful shearling and I melt. I have always, however, shied away from ponyhair products. As an equestrian I can’t seem to put the skin of something I love so much on my body (yes, it’s very hypocritical as […]

Hunting for Hunters

As the fall and winter weather rolls in, I’m reminded that I do not own a pair of rain boots. I typically alternate between my slUggs (slipper-like Uggs) to my super duper arctic fur-lined winters. I think I need to find a pair for the fall and spring when the slush and rain puddles are […]

Back to School Back Bags

Backpacks are trending hard this fall.  My daughter is starting preschool Monday, so I’m investing in a super cute new back pack for her, as well as for my son, who’s entering the 2nd grade. I thought I may pick up one for myself while I’m at it. I totally forgot how comfortable it can […]

Dress My Anatomie Please!

At this past week’s Hampton Classic, I stumbled upon a wonderful designer sportswear line by the charismatic and gorgeous Kate and Shawn Boyer: Anatomie. I was pulled in by the delicious Italian and French fabrics and sleek lines. Kate and Shawn successfully married high-performance workout wear with modern designer clothing for a fashionable, functional and […]