Simple Summer Style

Finally taking a break, sitting by the pool (yay), I’m noticing that my swim/summer wardrobe is woefully shabby, and definitely not chic. As we are recovering financially from our house purchase, I need to limit my summer spree to a few essentials.

Most importantly, I need a new bathing suit. I’m not a spring chicken any longer, so my tiny bikinis are getting less and less wear. If I can find a gorgeous one piece this year, I may just wear it. After all, I’m no longer in the market for a killer tan, so covering more skin is probably better. I love these two options:

I love this little number, very surfer…but a little out of my price range – hmmm, but if I’m only buying one suit this year…..:

Lisa Marie Fernandez 
Lisa Marie Fernandez The Farrah neoprene swimsuit $395




















This is adorable, and I love the color….and for a bikini, it really seems modest (although the price isn’t):

Norma Kamali 
Norma Kamali Bill ruched bikini top $175 Briefs $175




















Once a suit is picked out, I’ll need a new coverup. I love the long kaftans, but maybe something different this year. Cover up pants are great, comfortable and I can roll them up when it’s time to wade in the baby pool. I love these and they would look great with the swimsuit!

Onda De Mar Swim - Coverup Pant
Onda De Mar Swim Coverup Pant Sale price: $118.80

Unfortunately, ballet flats are out (boo hoo), and typical flip flops, while easy and comfy, are getting rather boring. I need the speed of slip ons so, roman sandals for day to day wear are out. I hear that Chloe featured Birkenstocks on the runway. Hmmmmm, interesting. I haven’t seen these on anyone other than pseudo-hippies since my crunchier days in college. I’m not exactly a bleeding heart, so can I pull them off? Yes, I think so…in this cute, preppy, neutral orange, I believe I have my summer shoe (not a bad price, I may add):

Birkenstock Gizeh, $89.95














Now, how shall I carry all my swim diapers, half-used sunblock vials, spilled juice boxes, broken sunglasses and unread summer novelettes? The Beau Beach Bag is a very cool option, with space, style and eco-friendly ideals. Created by Anne Epstein of Beau Soliel, this modern and super hip bag is almost entirely dye-free with recycled cotton handles. I love the breezy beachy feel – it’s great for anywhere.

Beau Soleil Beau Bag, $68


Lastly, I need a loose fitting shirt and lightweight sweater to wear with my jeans and many leggings. What better designer than Vince to fill this need?

Here’s a simple V-Neck sweater and silky t-shirt that can be literally worn anywhere with just about anything – which is exactly why I love Vince.

Vince V-Neck Sweater
Vince V-Neck Sweater – $225
Vince 'Popover' Cap Sleeve Silk Blouse
Vince “Popover” Cap Sleeve Silk Blouse – $265











Most of these pieces are not cheap, however, they are great quality. I wear my clothes often and hard, so I’m shopping for great values. I think I may have found some.




Hunting for Hunters

Hunter Black for J Menel
Hunter Black for J Menel

As the fall and winter weather rolls in, I’m reminded that I do not own a pair of rain boots. I typically alternate between my slUggs (slipper-like Uggs) to my super duper arctic fur-lined winters. I think I need to find a pair for the fall and spring when the slush and rain puddles are up to my ankles, but the weather isn’t so cold. I only have a budget for one pair, so I need to find some that are stylish enough for Soho but functional for the times I’m at the barn cleaning my tack and stepping in poop. I need to be able to rinse off the manure and jump in my car without too much residual slime…my husband likes a clean car (again, sorry dear).

Hunter Umbrella
Hunter Umbrella

I have a fun new Hunter Umbrella – it reminds me of the clear plastic one I had as a child – it’s great because I’m totally protected, but can see where I’m going on the streets. For some reason, New Yorkers love to either open ginormous golf umbrellas while exiting a crowded subway stair, or rest their umbrellas strategically on their heads so the little end spikes are at on-comers’ eye level. Probably some defense mechanism or complete obliviousness, but I digress….

I also have a navy blue Jules Horse Poncho for rainy days when I need to push my baby’s stroller and I need both hands free.

Joules Navy Horse Poncho
Joules Navy Horse Poncho

As I will be wearing all my rubber at once, I have to match.  Here are my options:

Jules makes really cute wellies.. They have a sale on their “horsey” patterns, but I think with my poncho, this may over do it just a tad; a little too preppy for downtown.


Of course I LOVE the Hunter for J Mendel boots with muscrat fur and shearling. Boot bliss, but perhaps it’s a little decadent for doodoo.

Hunter Black for J Menel
Hunter Black for J Menel

I also adore the Burberry Shearling-Lined House Check Winter boots, but yet again, I digress from the practical side of my purchase….

Burberry Boots
Burberry Boots

Chooka makes a pretty wellie for a reasonable price. This pair is definitely in the running. The added contrasting color straps give this a little luxury.

Chooka Navy
Chooka Navy

Hmmm, maybe I can get a twofor…barn work with riding ability.  The Green Rag Bone X Hunter Tall Boots seem to be okay for riding (heel, zipper on outside, tall). Again, they’re not cheap at $295, but if they double as a winter riding boot, that’s two in one. I’ll have to try them on to be sure.

Hunter Tall Boots
Hunter Tall Boots

My last option is the good old Original Hunter Wellington. I love the silver – and added benefit of matching Annalise’s new little girl pair. Mommy and me wellies always win.

Original Hunter in Silver
Original Hunter in Silver
Hunter Kids' Boots
Hunter Kids’ Boots

Decisions, decisions!



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