Can you Bear to Bare It?

I’ve notice many designers for Spring 2014 lifting a hem line that I’m not completely comfortable with – the midriff. Maybe I’m a little afraid of my post-baby tummy, maybe I’m not comfortable looking at belly buttons that aren’t on the beach, maybe I’m scared that too many muffin tops will be allowed to meander on our city streets, or perhaps I’m just getting old, but I’m not crazy about this trend.

Done with taste, this look can be cute, but I find it breaks up the line too much – not to mention adds a dash of trash to normally elegant and cute looks.
Not many women can pull this off. Let’s face it, if it looks “eh” on a 5’10” gorgeous runway model, it probably won’t look tres belle on us mere mortals.

Are these duds that you would don? Do you have any pictures of regular women wearing this trend successfully?

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Copenhagen’s Clothes Considers Kids

Okay, I just couldn’t help myself. CIFF Kids creates the most amazing children’s clothes and the boys are just as fashionable as the girls. CIFF Kids is the children’s division of the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair.  I can’t get enough of these Danes. Even their kid’s clothes have a street chic, high quality and limitless cool. Also, it’s nice to see kid’s clothes appropriate for children. I’m so tired of seeing muffin tops, bellies and bra straps. I can totally imagine these duds on Suri or Viv. Now to find them in the US; I cannot afford tickets to Copenhagen right now.

If you have 10 minutes, take look at their fashion show F/W 2013 below. It’s killer adorable.



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