Designer Duds for Kids – Fashion or Folly?

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Milly Minis Crystal Embellished Organza Dress $995
Milly Minis Crystal Embellished Organza Dress $995

I love me some cute kiddie clothes. Typically, I get kids clothes from Gap Kids for the staples, Target (pronounced “tar-jay”) for the trendy soon-to-be-thrown away items, and if I’m feeling spicy, I go to Crew Cuts. I scour the internet for Splendid Littles sales (they are just sooo comfy – especially Splendid’s adult line for mommy). Once in a while, I find some fun Burberry items on Ebay, which I consider a major coup, as there is the added benefit of being able to sell said clothing after the 3 wears they last (no way is she wearing this in the mud puddle in the back yard).

Like Ralph Lauren years ago (I buy adorable Polo items at discount stores), many higher end designers are trying to cash in on the children’s clothing market. It used to be for a really special occasion, one could lay a Benjamin or two down on a gorgeous hand made dress at Bergdorff’s kids department, but now, that’s just a drop in the bucket for even the most common and out-grow-able children’s duds. I’m sorry, but I just can’t stomach or imagine throwing over $500 on a Baby Dior or Missoni dress for a 9 month old who can’t even walk. The styles are gorgeous, and I’m sure would look great on the tony tots being pushed by their nannies on Park Ave, but my hubby’s hard-earned dollars are better spent on our mortgage :).

In this spirit, I’ve found some beautiful children’s fashions and comparable reasonably (for some) priced garments.  After all, kids either wear their clothes to death, or wear them once. I’m sure I can’t beat the quality of Baby Dior, but I can certainly beat the price!!

Most of the expensive finds are from Neiman Marcus and Barney‘s, their less-expensive counterparts are from all over – hover over image to see the source.

I love a dreamy princess ballerina dress like the next person and this Milly Minis one is killer (to the pocketbook). The Luna Luna Copenhagen dress is just as sweet and a fraction of the price.

Missoni knits are comfy, and I’m sure this dress is fun to wear…as is the alternative:

For a special occasion, this gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana dress is spectacular, but at $1615, who in their right mind w(c)ould afford it?? I love this Kleinfeld Erica Dress alternative from at $150!

Every ballerina needs a tutu, but this one is too too much for me. Why not save some loot loot?

Cold weather calls for long, warm coats, and here are the similar choices:

And for the sweaters:

And, for the babies – nothing beats a special cashmere blanket as a special gift, but some are more affordable than others:

I haven’t even listed the cute and fun options at Target or Kohls, etc (this post could go on for ever)!! Finding super cute kid’s clothes at a premium is fun, but finding less expensive alternatives is satisfying 🙂




Super Cute Saturday

Annalise in her Luna Luna Copenhagen Clara Dress
Annalise in her Luna Luna Copenhagen Clara Dress

It’s time to shop for the other diva in the family, Annalise. She’ll be starting her first two’s preschool program (and when I say “school” I mean it lightly) in September and, of course, she needs some new duds. The brand Luna Luna Copenhagen was brought to my attention earlier this year when my sister-in-law, Sarah, was getting married. Sarah used this gorgeous dress for the flower girls. I was hooked.

Luna Luna Copenhagen has a breezy, California aesthetic; but the design detail, quality craftsmanship and superior fabric are all European. Annalise’s dress was absolutely adorable and so comfortable, Annalise wore it all day without any whining (which is a huge feat for a toddler). Danish-born Heidi Maria Schwarck, who originally designed for women’s fashion, turned her talents to the younger jet-set after her third child, Luna was born.  Their clothes do run on the small side, so if you have a larger child like me, I would go a size up without hesitation.

We’re in the North East, so some of these dresses will only be warm enough for the first weeks of September. I’ll have to also invest in some of their fall sets, which come with matching hats. Sorry in advance to my dear hubby…this is what happens when you have a daughter ;)

Here are some of my favorites. Thanks for the tip Sarah.

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Don’t forget, the voting and giveaway end tomorrow, so be sure to post what you think I should wear to the Hampton Classic to be entered to win.



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