Cashmere, leather and fur, oh my!

Photo Courtesy Moncler FW2013
Photo Courtesy
Moncler FW2013

I know that the RTW Spring 2014 shows just wrapped, however, I’m still trying to process RTW Fall 2013. I absolutely LOVE fall/winter clothes and just melt at the sight of an amazing cashmere wrap. This fall, there are almost too many luscious looks to list, however, I’m going to give it my best shot.

Texture upon texture upon texture.  Wovens with knits, plaids with stripes and sparkles on fur. This is truly an equal opportunity fall fashion season, and I LOVE it. My challenge is finding believable knock offs because I can’t even imagine the price tags on some of these pieces.

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Moncler deserves a slideshow all its own. Absolutely sumptuous….

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Now all I need is to move to the Arctic Circle so I can justify some of these pieces.




Monday Morning Shopping Trip: To Dream the Hermes Dream

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but Hermes makes some of the most beautiful items in the world. I think their bags are amazing, but as an equestrian, I cannot help but drool over more horsey items. In celebration of this week’s horse show in Bridgehampton (the Classic), I am listing some of my “if I had tons of money I would get these” items.

I cannot wait to see and feel their saddles in person when I got to their booth later this week.

Hermes produced a video named (in English) “Hearts and Crafts”. It’s a beautifully made short featuring the Hermes artisans and their craft. It helped me understand why their goods are so beautiful, durable and expensive.



to Classic or not to Classic?

Oye. I’m waiting for my media credentials to arrive in the mail so I can cover the Hamptons Classic in person. As a new blogger, I’m not sure I’ll be approved, but really…is there anyone who would appreciate the scene more?


photo courtesy

I saw someone post today on Facebook that it wasn’t worth their time or money to attend (and this is from a horse lover).

Why did she get her Pikeurs all in a twist about this? True…traffic is a nightmare and hoards will descend upon a rural (yet sophisticated) area. True…the stands and streets will be filled with snooty dandies and fashionistas decked out in equestrian luxuries like Longines and Hérmes.

So what?
I say the Hamptons Classic is nothing but good. Good for the caterers and food vendors on the East End. Good for local retail. Good for hotels and inns. Good for any small business lucky to be along or even near Montauk Highway….and GREAT for equestrian sports and all us horsey types. I think if I had seen a horse show like this when I was young, I really would have been inspired to continue riding and not wait until, well, <cough> older to start again.

With the US Open, the start of football, and the ending of the baseball season, NY horse lovers should be thrilled with the heat of the media spotlight this time of year.

I, for one, am glued to my mailbox with the hopes of receiving a thick envelope. Geesh, I feel like I’m applying to college again. What do you think? Are you going to make it?