Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice…


…that’s what Love Shack Fancy is made of. I’m obsessed with this brand. In a time where gender neutrality rules the roost, LSF dares to be in-your-face feminine. Any why not? I see nothing wrong with the sweet romantic proclivities of little girls. Flowers and frills in soft pastels and subtle neutrals are just what every woman needs to connect back to her inner little girl. Tea, anyone?

This season’s specials harken back to Little House on the Prairie, one of my all time favorite shows: Michael Landon, the nation’s moral father, teaching life lessons to his all-female brood wearing ruffles, flowers, braids and deliciously modest dresses while digging in the mud and swimming through rivers. I can see me wearing all of these to the barn while I scoop manure…well, maybe not.

These frocks aren’t, however, Little House on the Prairie prices, ranging from the $150’s to the $650’s. Ma would probably have to sew her own. Save your pennies and invest in a long skirt with a slub tee, or a sweet ruffled top to pear with your favorite jeans and western boots.

American midwest meets the Hamptons. Love it.



Bottoming out at Topping Riding Club


Beautiful day? Check.

Beautiful location? Check.

Preparation? Done.

Horses in costume and ready to ride? Check.

My son in his squirrel costume and me with my kitty mask and ready to ride? Check.

Practice round successful? Check.

I was so excited to blog about my first Mock Hunter Pace, well…actually my first show. It was just a casual show for fun in costume at the gorgeous Topping Riding Club in Sagaponack, NY (in the Hamptons). I knew my little teammates were going to ride circles around me, but I was ready to give it my best shot. Warm up went great. Trotting away, I approach my first (low) jump. Yay! I’m balanced, feeling confident, having fun and looking ahead to all the jumps on the way. Second…third, whew, going well! Stop for the cup of water from attendant, and I’m off again. Fourth jump, eh, I’ll take this one at a canter – yay!

My cute grey mare is feeling spicy, but I have control. Until. Scary. Big. Bush. Blows. In. Wind.

And…we’re off to the races! Full gallop towards large jump (in the shape of stone wall), I decide to bail before I’m thrown over the big obstacle and land on my face. Down I go. DAMN! I was so excited to finish. DAMN! I let my team down. DAMN! My butt hurts!

As I iced my sore rear end and nursed my bruised ego with a glass of rosé, I looked around and was so proud of my little teammates! The gals of Greenlawn Equestrian (one of our other teams) took first place in the mock hunter pace 🙂 We have some pictures, but my son was in charge of the camera. He did a good job for a 7 year old, but many faces are missing. He’s the little guy in the Rigby  costume (from Cartoon Network’s Regular Show).

On the plus side, while I wait for my bottom to heal, I’ll have more time to plug into the fashion network.



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