The Dressage Collection Trotter Tote, Classical Perfection

Dressage Collection - Large Trotter Tote - my new favorite bag!
Dressage Collection – Large Trotter Tote – my new favorite bag!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Dressage Collection, let me introduce you to an instant classic. Inspired by equestrian style, founder and president Charles Chehebar designs his bags and leather accessories with quality, taste and craftsmanship in mind. Each bag is created by hand by Italian artisans, as a labor of love. I recently discovered the Trotter Tote at the Dressage Collection’s booth at the Hamptons Classic and I was instantly in love. The leather is butter soft with ample room and pockets for all your needs. I’m drawn to the Graphite color, as it is a perfect neutral for fall and can really go with just about anything (except, perhaps a cocktail dress or formal gown), but comes in several other options. I love how this is relaxed and cool at the same time has structure, for a more lady-like look. Purchase online, $1595.

They have a line of luggage, which is absolutely to die for – who wouldn’t want to travel the world with these babies:

For the more discerning client, Charles designs custom bags and accessories by appointment at their Manhattan location. More information can be found here.

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Grand Prix Sunday – Glamptons Classic

The last day of the Hampton Classic ends with the Longines Grand Prix. I’m watching it live, as I cannot be there today. I am sad, as I had a great time last year acting as a low-level paparazzi, capturing the celebs in the VIP tent, but I’m sure they will be strolling in their heels through the acres of shopping in the Boutique Garden.

Here are three of my favorite booths, all of whom give meaning to the word Glampton 😉

My first stop was the famed French fashion house Hermès. They were named the Official Technical Riding Apparel Supplier of the United States Equestrian Teams. Hermès has been became the Title Sponsor of the U.S. Show Jumping Team since February, and their designs did not disappoint.

James Sardelli, the equestrian account executive, let me try on the official show jacket, and let me say it was like butter. The fabric was stretchy, soft and breathable, with the added benefit of being machine washable. I’m not convinced that if I was lucky enough to have one of these babies that I would just throw it in the washing machine, but it is a nice option. The tailoring is impeccable and the buttons are made of palladium; they never skimp on quality.  Regular, but well-heeled, riders are able to buy the riding jacket in dark navy blue for a mere $1925 (men’s and women’s both available). The competition red jacket is only for the team members, darn. Absolutely gorgeous.

The breeches were beautiful, of course, and created with the same quality and craftsmanship. I love the tan and black, but are also available in white. $990. Men’s come in black and white.

Inside their award-winning booth, I was also drawn to their warm up jackets, belts and just about everything else they had. The saddles, of course are just a dream.


Across the boutique row, and hard to miss, was another favorite designer of mine, Missoni.

They had a gorgeous presentation of their famed chevron print, and set up a mini lounge where tired Classic-goers could kick back and put up their feet….like Dane. I met Roxane Mosleh, COO of Pomme, NY Inc and Christopher Philips, VP of Sales, Missoni The Americas. Mrs Mosleh said her husband is an avid rider so she thought it would be a great idea for Missoni to “show” at the Hampton Classic, I agree. I especially loved their bath towels and robes. Soft and plush, I can see Annalise and I fashionably exiting our evening bath for our evening drink (milk and wine, respectively).


Last stop of note (there were so many, I had to edit), was the Der Dau booth.

Known for their customization of just about everything, I was not only drawn to their impressive display of boots, but also their breeches. One particular style has real snake skin on the knee patches and detailing around the belt loops. Gorgeous, fun and funky, I loved them. The rep said that she was sure he would even design in fur, if requested. That would be cool. Back to the boot wall – every imaginable color and leather is available, only limited by one’s imagination. Price points are hard to calculate, as different details/customizations cost different amounts of money, but there is a “ready to wear” collection, which are gorgeous and more affordable.

Enjoy some other shots of cute and fashionable people items from the Glamptons Classic:


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to Classic or not to Classic?

Oye. I’m waiting for my media credentials to arrive in the mail so I can cover the Hamptons Classic in person. As a new blogger, I’m not sure I’ll be approved, but really…is there anyone who would appreciate the scene more?


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I saw someone post today on Facebook that it wasn’t worth their time or money to attend (and this is from a horse lover).

Why did she get her Pikeurs all in a twist about this? True…traffic is a nightmare and hoards will descend upon a rural (yet sophisticated) area. True…the stands and streets will be filled with snooty dandies and fashionistas decked out in equestrian luxuries like Longines and Hérmes.

So what?
I say the Hamptons Classic is nothing but good. Good for the caterers and food vendors on the East End. Good for local retail. Good for hotels and inns. Good for any small business lucky to be along or even near Montauk Highway….and GREAT for equestrian sports and all us horsey types. I think if I had seen a horse show like this when I was young, I really would have been inspired to continue riding and not wait until, well, <cough> older to start again.

With the US Open, the start of football, and the ending of the baseball season, NY horse lovers should be thrilled with the heat of the media spotlight this time of year.

I, for one, am glued to my mailbox with the hopes of receiving a thick envelope. Geesh, I feel like I’m applying to college again. What do you think? Are you going to make it?



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