Sorry Nassau Surrey Horses Need Help

We’re on a family vacation this week (taking a wonderful cruise with grandma/grandpa/aunt/uncle/cousins) in the Caribbean, and while we’re having a great time, I couldn’t help but feel really shocked and sorry for the little Surrey horses pulling carriages in the port of Nassau, Bahamas. They looked totally broken, skinny and sore (terrible shoeing and rub sores all over their little bodies where their tack was digging into their skin). In torrential downpours or oppressive heat, they pull their loads: tourists that weigh more than they do, time and time again.

Super skinny little guy
Super skinny little guy
Surrey Horse Dies in the street 2012.
Surrey Horse Dies in the street 2012.

When we got back to our room, I found more information on these “Surrey” horses, and what I found wasn’t very encouraging. Between collapsing on the job, like the one (of several) that died horribly in the street, to malnourishment, their lives look pretty dim; obviously abused. I then looked for any organizations trying to help these little guys. I found a Facebook page with a stop the abuse petition, and of course I signed it (please sign it too). I just hope that there is someone with authority out there to take it seriously and find a way to stop the abuse. I’m trying to find a more organized effort to help these equines; if I do, I’ll spread the word.



The Equus Foundation: One of our Favorite Charities – Lastest News











For over 10 years, the Equus Foundation has played a key role in many equine-related charities.

They help by

  • Providing financial support through the award of grants to charities that are improving the quality of life of horses, using horses to enrich the lives of those in need, and educating the public about the horse’s unique ability to empower, teach and heal;
  • Offering insight on management and financial practices of these charities through a thorough review of their operations;
  • and educating the public about horses.

Please see their latest news below, and if you can DONATE any amount of money or time to their worthwhile cause!

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