About Me

I have been a private chef for over 15 years and starting riding again just ten years ago. I am a mother of two growing kids (11 years old and 16 years), one horse, 6 chickens and two dogs. Besides my family and animals, I also love spending time in my garden growing food that we can enjoy. I started my blog over 4 years ago, drawing a connection between food, fashion, gardening and the equestrian lifestyle.

Tack and Tweed is a labor of love, and written for anyone who loves equine fashion, delicious food and the equestrian lifestyle. I’m not limited in English riding, I also love Western. There is so much to be said about the style and art of both disciplines.



Follow me at Locals.com: https://tackandtweed.locals.com


If you are interested in advertising, please email tackandtweed@gmail.com and we’ll send you our media kit. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Lisa!
    I absolutely love your blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Beatrice Bulteau cell phone cover!! I’ve have noticed that my heart jumps when my 2 year old gets ahold of my phone though. Although the case is beautiful, it is “barely there “. Which is fine for some but being active and having three kids under 7 grabbing at my phone I was hoping for a case that was a bit tougher. Do you carry an upgrade or do you know of a clear case that will fit over this one? I love the black on white and everyone who sees it oohs and aahhhs but once they see how light it is I can’t convince them to make the purchase. Thanks so much for your Input. Looking forward to meeting up on the trails in the spring! Stay warm out there!!


    1. SO sorry for the late reply!!! I was having issues with someone stealing my website name / DNS Servers! I’m working on cases that will be more protective, and will send you one (free of charge) when I have them!! xoxoxox I’ll be back to you soon.


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