Do you RIDE?

SaddleWallRecently I had the pleasure of meeting an accomplished young woman, equestrian, and owner of a unique new store for equestriennes aptly named, RIDE. Courtney Caverzasi’s newest venture is one part high-end boutique and one part high-end tack shop in Bedford, NY; centrally located for the horsey set in Westchester and Connecticut. RIDE carries riding and apres-riding apparel for men, women, children (and yes BOYS) and their equestrian and canine companions.

Her vision is to provide a lifestyle boutique containing everything the well-heeled rider could possibly need all the while, giving them a wonderful shopping experience. She fills a niche for riders looking for great shopping, personal attention and exclusive brands that cannot be found in any high street shop remotely close to this area.

When I walked in, I was amazed to see how beautiful and tasteful it was. A lifelong rider, Courtney shaped her vision through 12 years with Hermes, and it shows. Offering complementary coffee or tea (wine in the evenings), she personally escorts her clients through the different sections of her boutique. From the natural wood saddle rack wall, to the horse mural in the back of the store, everything is perfectly thought out, displayed well, easy to see, touch and try on.

She strives to provide highly desirable brands (many times sourcing items made in the USA) that are hard to find. For example, she nailed an exclusive with Antares, who typically only sells saddles direct. Not only does she sell these items, she understands them, and has used them herself. She has an in depth knowledge of everything she sells and will recommend the highest quality within each client’s budget.  She is constantly nurturing her vendor relationships, resulting in an amazing selection and value for her customers.

Here are some brands she features (but there are MANY more):

Smith Worthington

Samshield Helmets

Hermes Saddles

DeNiro Boots

Lorenzini Stirrups

Next time you are in the area, I HIGHLY recommend the trip to RIDE, and tell her Tack and Tweed sent you. You won’t walk away empty handed! 🙂

Courtney astride her friend’s noble steed 🙂



648 Old Post Road (Rt 22)

Bedford, NY 10506







Author: Tack and Tweed

Equine vet pharmacy tech, equestrian, chef, mother and lover of fashion :)

6 thoughts on “Do you RIDE?”

    1. It was absolutely my pleasure. What a wonderful shop – if I had enough money, I would buy one of everything in it :)!


    2. I am super surprised by there being concern about having two somewhat similar stores in a small town. I own a jewelry store in Chappaqua, with two other jewelry stores with a two block radius. Competition is good for everyone 🙂 Not only does it bring more customer looking for said product (in this case equestrian related goods), but it also gives you the customer more options. Since the store has opened it has been a great success, so there must be a niche it fills right? I personally have never been threatened by another store as I know what I offer is a valued product in a great setting with amazing customer service. When mom and pops around the country are going out of business at record rates, a new venture like this should be celebrated. And Caitlyn and Tim…if you have been into the store you would see how very different they are. Which is great for a non-rider like me. Stay positive people 🙂


  1. Why would anyone try to open another tack store in Bedford NY? The Horse Connection has everything any rider would need!


    1. Caitlyn – yes, Horse Connection is great, and has lots of fabulous inventory; this doesn’t mean that there’s no room for other stores. Ride is a different aesthetic and has different items for sale. They both have brand exclusives….this way everyone’s needs are met – right in Bedford! Personally, I think it’s great to have options!


  2. I second what Caitlyn said (above) The Horse Connection in Bedford has always provided the best service, quality, & ample variety of products. That is my go-to shop for all things horsey. The great staff there are now like family. Why this store opened so close by is a mystery and, frankly, I’m offended. I would have thought this lady could have found another location to carve out her niche. I won’t set foot in this place. I know it’s a free country, but. C’mon.


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