The Dressage Collection Trotter Tote, Classical Perfection

Dressage Collection - Large Trotter Tote - my new favorite bag!
Dressage Collection – Large Trotter Tote – my new favorite bag!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Dressage Collection, let me introduce you to an instant classic. Inspired by equestrian style, founder and president Charles Chehebar designs his bags and leather accessories with quality, taste and craftsmanship in mind. Each bag is created by hand by Italian artisans, as a labor of love. I recently discovered the Trotter Tote at the Dressage Collection’s booth at the Hamptons Classic and I was instantly in love. The leather is butter soft with ample room and pockets for all your needs. I’m drawn to the Graphite color, as it is a perfect neutral for fall and can really go with just about anything (except, perhaps a cocktail dress or formal gown), but comes in several other options. I love how this is relaxed and cool at the same time has structure, for a more lady-like look. Purchase online, $1595.

They have a line of luggage, which is absolutely to die for – who wouldn’t want to travel the world with these babies:

For the more discerning client, Charles designs custom bags and accessories by appointment at their Manhattan location. More information can be found here.

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Author: Tack and Tweed

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