Daisy Dukes or Daisy Don’ts

I’m not exactly an old fogey (yet), but a certain trend has me gumming my dentures. I grew up during the age of Daisy Dukes, and even back then, they felt short. I wore them, but always with a 4 finger length down my thigh. Had my lower cheek ever flirted with the open air, I certainly would have been embarrassed. Who wore short shorts? I did, sorta.

Well baby, they’re back, with a vengeance.

Street style du jour, girls are letting it all hang out. Personally, I find it tacky to see your pockets below the ends of your shorts (and actually, I remember some older, elegant, Audrey Hepburn-type woman once saying that shorts were only for the beach), and I also find it rather annoying to see full on cheek action. It seems hard to find much jean to rip, but somehow, even these barely there shorts have holes “pre-ripped” for added ventilation (well, it must be, I can’t see any other tasteful reason for the holes).

Maybe when balanced out with a modest shirt, loose and bohemian, I may be convinced that for teens, this look could work. But again, as with the belly shirts, it’s too easy to throw on a tight tank top and heels and look like what the cat dragged in from the street. Seems these are more jean-undies, than shorts.

What do you think? Dukes or Don’ts???





Author: Tack and Tweed

Equine vet pharmacy tech, equestrian, chef, mother and lover of fashion :)

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