Burger Meister Musthave Burger


Delicious Beef.

That’s what I have here. Delicious, grass fed, local, everything-else-of-the-moment-that’s-not-kobe-trendy, delicious beef. (Yes, that’s the burger I cooked this evening.) One of the many benefits of living in Chappaqua (besides Hillary and Bill sightings), is the amazing farmer’s market. One of the cornerstones of the market is Stone Barns and their delicious meat products. I can’t say it better than they can; here is their mission:

The mission of Stone Barns Center is to create a healthy and sustainable food system that benefits us all. Located 25 miles north of Manhattan, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit institution. We operate an 80-acre farm and work to:

Increase public awareness of healthy, seasonal and sustainable food.
Train farmers in resilient, restorative farming techniques.
Educate children about the sources of their food, and prepare them to steward the land that provides it.


Stone Barns has one of the few destination restaurants still left in the country – Blue Hill. As soon as I can, I’m getting a babysitter, dressing up in some cool digs and partaking in their delicacies. Wanna come???




Author: Tack and Tweed

Equine vet pharmacy tech, equestrian, chef, mother and lover of fashion :)

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