My Own Private Classic

My new beau, Sonny
My new beau, Sonny

I would never be able to show at a place like the Hampton Classic or the the American Gold Cup;  hacking around the lesson ring is just fine for me. I’m a late-to-the–game horse rider, who started only 1 1/2 years ago. I have to say, taking up a sport after kids was the best thing I ever did (well, okay, besides my children).

Today, I jumped my amazing palomino lesson horse, Sonny, over my first jump. I didn’t win a ribbon, but I sure felt like it. I can’t imagine how amazing competitors in any show, let alone a Grand Prix, must feel after completing a clean run. I need to thank and give full credit to my amazing instructor, Hannie at Greenlawn Equestrian Center. I learned more in 2 months from her than I did the entire year at my old barn. I don’t have any pictures or video of my ride (my jumping was so sloppy, I wouldn’t want anyone to see), but I am attaching some shots of Hannie riding a course set up by her 12 year old campers.

Have any of you started something later in life and lived to tell the story? If so, I would love to hear. I also want to give my friends hope that life doesn’t end after 30. Now more than ever, I’m excited to cover the Classic this Sunday. I’m going to be so torn about what to cover first: the horses and competitors in the ring, what people are wearing or what they are eating!!



Author: Tack and Tweed

Equine vet pharmacy tech, equestrian, chef, mother and lover of fashion :)

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